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Hello everyone!

The short description you are reading will reveal that I’m a fluid, multidisciplinary creative director and
copywriter. I’ve worked for several national and international ad agencies – Tbwa, Leagas Delaney,
Yam11203, Together – for 13 years.

Although I had to face different challenges, I have always spent my days writing, creating and holding every
brief with passion, enthusiasm and involvement.

I conceive of creativity as a mind that has fun. That is why I strongly believe in creative projects deriving from
true insight, data and common situations. In my opinion, that is how we produce incisive and relevant

Along my professional path, I have always employed this method with several of my clients such
as McDonald's, Google, Nivea, Apple, Enel X Pay, Nissan, Gruppo Ferretti, Snam, Rcs, Cariparma, Bolton
Group, S.Pellegrino, Baci Perugina, Vichy, Tim, Control, LG, Apple and many more.

My main awards are:

IF 2022 | Shortlist Film Crafting | Sound Music: Non fare la Quaglia
NC Awards 2022 | Gran Prix | Control: Metti La Protezione
NC Awards 2022 | Gold| Social Media Communication: Control: Metti La Protezione
NC Awards 2022 | Bronze | Ambient Media: Control Metti La Protezione
NC Awards 2022 | Bronze | Brand Identity: Control Metti La Protezione
NC Awards 2022 | Gold | Health : Control Love ME&V
NC Awards 2022 | Bronze | OnLine Communication: Control: La Felicità si può comprare
ADCI 2013 |Bronze Ambient Media:
ADCI 2013 | Shortlist Film Social :
ADCI 2013 | Gold Crafting: Pershing
ADC*E 2013| Shortlist Crafting: Pershing
ADCI 2012 |Shortlist Outdoor: Google E-Commerce